Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Information

As the situation continues to evolve we want the citizens of our community to have access to the changes that are happening in the state. The link to your right takes you to the Ohio Department of Health Website and there will be links to the many orders that have come over the past week. 

Please continue to reach out with any questions. We are working hard to keep our citizens safe.

Lawn Maintenance Guidance

After consulting with ODH, lawn care businesses may operate if they meet the criteria set forth below:

  1. All lawn care businesses must abide by the physical distancing and disinfecting requirements as stated in the Director’s Stay at Home Order.
  2. Lawn care businesses may mow commercial and residential properties and may maintain or provide landscaping services of commercial properties however, should refrain from such landscaping services of residential properties which are considered non-essential such as for beautification purposes but may provide services for the safety and sanitation of those properties, for example insect control.
Information provided on triage and testing center at Blanchard Valley Health Systems