Winter Skin Relief

Winter Skin Relief

What Can I Do to Combat Dry Skin This Winter?

Winter is the time for dry and itchy skin. Winter air is just drier and wrecks havoc on your skin, the biggest organ you have! Let’s protect you this winter and give you some tips to keep that dry skin away!

After your bath, pat your skin dry don’t rub! You cause friction on the skin and you dry your skin out. Lotion up right out of the shower! You lock in the moisture from your shower!

When you’re picking out your clothes pick layers! The more you have between you and that cold air the better off you are!

Adding a humidifier to the home helps keep your skin from drying out, as well as that pesky static electricity at bay too! Less dry, itchy skin and no one saying OUCH from the shock of coming to close!

Enjoy your winter season and take care of yourself and your skin!